All of our tempting treats are homemade and hand dipped by our chocolatiers daily. Items come in your choice of Dark, Milk, or White chocolate. Chocolate is priced at $32/lb.

  • Truffles

    Black & White, St. Germain, Rum, Grand Marnier, Espresso, Dark Chocolate, Mint, Peanut Butter, Raspberry

  • Marshmallows

  • Caramel Marshmallows

  • Pretzels

  • Caramel Pretzels

  • Almond Biscotti

  • Almond Bark

  • Nut Clusters

    Pecans, Cashews, Almonds, Peanuts

  • Corn Flake Clusters

  • Raisin Clusters

  • Toasted Coconut

  • Fresh Fruit

    Strawberries, Bananas, Pineapple, Blueberries, Raspberries, Kiwi, Orange, Orange Peels

  • Glacé Apricots

  • Candied Orange Peels

  • Maraschino Cherries

  • Peanut Butter Cups

  • Buttercrunch

  • Brownies

  • Chocolate Turtles

    Pecan, Cashew, Almond

  • Graham Crackers

  • Oreo Cookies

  • Pizzeles

  • Nonpareils

  • Rice Krispie Treats

the chocolate bar gelato1.jpg


Serving over 25 rotating flavors that are made only from the freshest ingredients for an ultimate tasting experience!

Small  $4 | Medium $5 | Large  $6 | Pint $10

  • Stracciatella

    vanilla gelato with chocolate chips​

  • Roché

    chocolate hazelnut wafer​

  • Nocciola


  • Pistachio​

  • Dolce di Latte

    caramel gelato with chocolate chips​

  • Brownie Chip

    chocolate or vanilla gelato with brownie pieces & chocolate chips​

  • Chocolate​

  • Vanilla​

  • Mint Oreo Blast

    mint gelato with oreo cookie pieces & chocolate chips​

  • Heath Bar​

  • Peanut Butter Cup​

  • Cookie Dough​

  • Cookies and Cream​

  • The Works

    vanilla gelato with cookie dough pieces, oreo cookie pieces, chocolate chips & rainbow sprinkles​

  • Toble

    chocolate-orange gelato with wafer crumbs​ 

  • Mint Chip​

  • Blueberry Swirl

    blueberry swirl with chocolate chips​

  • Strawberry​

  • Lemon Meringue​

  • Mi Amoré

    vanilla gelato with chocolate chips & a strawberry drizzle

  • Razzmatazz

  • Raspberry Chocolate Trifle         vanilla gelato with chocolate chips & a raspberry drizzle

  • Vanilla Caramel Swirl                  vanilla gelato with chocolate chips &  a caramel drizzle

  • Whiskey Cream

the chocolate bar coffee.jpg


Freshly brewed espresso-based beverages and other unique drinks that are offered in a variety of roasts and flavors.

  • Freshly Brewed Coffee

    Dark & Medium Roasts, Organic & Fair Trade, from Jersey Shore Coffee Roasters

  • Espresso

    Jersey Shore Espresso Roast

  • Americano

    Espresso blended with steamed water

  • Latte

    Espresso & steamed milk

  • Cappuccino

    Espresso with steamed milk & foam

  • Macchiato

    Espresso & steamed milk

  • Mochaccino

    Our specialty Hot Chocolate fused with espresso

  • Hot Chocolate

    The best in town! Made with rich milk & dark chocolate straight from the warm vats that are used to produce our creamy chocolate desserts!

  • Tea

    Stash, Mighty Leaf, Twinings, Celestial, Tazo, Bigelow, Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

  • Italian Soda

    A fruity flavor shot mixed with sparkling water

  • Gelato Shake

    Your choice of our homemade gelato blended with milk

  • Affogato

    Espresso poured over your choice of gelato

  • Bottled Drinks

    Pellegrino, Soda, Water

the chocolate bar gelato.jpg


  • Nutter Butter

    peanut butter gelato with nutter butter cookies

  • Cappuccino

    coffee gelato with cocoa powder

  • Banana Chip

    banana gelato with chocolate chips

  • Coconut

  • Smores

    chocolate gelato with graham crackers and marshmallow fluff

  • Biscotti Chip

    almond-vanilla gelato with chocolate chips

  • Tiramisu

    coffee flavored liquor gelato with lady fingers

  • Chocolate Works

    chocolate gelato with cookie dough, oreos, sprinkles, and chocolate chips

  • Pumpkin Pie

    pumpkin gelato with graham cracker swirl

  • Cinnamon

  • Nocé

  • Biscotti Swirl

    vanilla gelato with chocolate biscotti swirl

  • Apple Cider Donut

    light cinnamon gelato with donut bits

  • Candy Cane

    vanilla gelato with candy cane pieces

Raspberry Sorbet


All Flavors Are Dairy Free

  • Lemon

  • Raspberry

  • Mango

  • Chocolate